From the moment you're old enough to remember, you've always wanted to be someone, aspire to something and have dreams to be the ultimate person with all the qualities you admire, boys with their aspirations to become a fireman or little girls dreaming of becoming a twirling ballerina princess.

Fire trucks The idea of a hero is what gives us all a dream, instills just that tiny little bit of hope within our hearts, and reminds us that there is still some good within the world.

There are various types of heroes, each with their own 'super power', and their own special ability that makes them great role models for people across the world. The simplest of heroes can even be found in your own neighbourhood!

People everywhere at this moment are performing selfless activities and generally trying to help the world around them, whether it's rescuing a poor kitty from a tree, or helping feed and clothe the homeless, these are the people that are the real life heroes.

The ones that could help shape a better future for the world, as well as performing selfless acts that earn themselves a place in so many people's hearts. African children There are the volunteer fire fighters, or people that give up their own time to help out people that are in need. Think about how many people volunteer to look after the disabled, care for children in foster homes, work in an animal rescue shelter, or even just the people that donate their own well earned money to charities.

These people are all heroes in their own right.